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Thursday, 16 January 2014

British Army: King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery (KTRHA)

in Regent's Park, London

The KTRHA form Her Majesty The Queen's ceremonial Saluting Battery and are stationed at Woolwich, London. Known as 'The Troop' they are a mounted unit and all of their soldiers are superb equestrians trained to drive a team of six horses that pull the First World War 'thirteen pounder' state saluting guns.

The KTRHA are an integral part of the Household Troops. Their duties include the firing of Royal Salutes in Hyde Park on both Royal Anniversaries and State Occasions, and providing a gun carriage and team of black horses for State and military funerals. The Troop performs the duties of the Queen's Life Guard at Horse Guards for one month each year.

Find out more about: The King’s Troop RHA:
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Thursday, 2 January 2014

World Cavalry's own Airsoft Team

British Army New Year Resolutions 2

British Army - Andover, United Kingdom
New Year's Resolutions: Get more out of your job

Regulars and Reserves: Army training gives you good time management skills, helping you get through tasks more effectively and efficiently (at home as well as at work). So you can manage your free time better to get the most out of it. Maybe you can use some of that freed up time for the Regimental skiing trip...

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British Army New Year Resolutions 1

British Army - Andover, United Kingdom
New Year's Resolutions: Get fit and lose weight 

Regulars: You don't need to be super fit to join the Army. All you need is the right attitude and determination to get there. There is fitness advice online ( and you can speak to local recruiters if you think you need advice. Once you’ve joined, you will have regular physical training sessions, a free gym, plenty of sports opportunities, and the chance to take part in adventurous training expeditions.

Reserves: Just like the Regulars, it’s all about attitude. Once you have joined, you’ll find staying fit is easier, with regular physical training sessions at your training nights, gym facilities and a physical training instructor who can give you sports and fitness advice. Use the online fitness advice to get you started. Like the Regulars, you can take part in sport and adventurous training.

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British Army on FB

For the Army, there are some big changes coming up in 2014, with the end of combat operations in Afghanistan after more than 10 years. We’ll be bringing home thousands of troops and tonnes of equipment, and continuing to train for whatever and wherever we might be called on next. 2014 also marks 100 years since the start of the First World War, so our regiments will be remembering the courage of their young men and the battles they fought. 

We’ll also be continuing to recruit, as ever. Whatever we’re asked to do, the Army relies on the quality and training of its people. (from British Army FB and official web page
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